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 - Cathrine, Therapy


Stephen is very professional, kind and patient. He helped me through a very dark time in my life and I am extremely grateful for his help.

- Mat, Therapy


Stephen taught me how to take negative situations in life and turn them into positive situations, with the use of several tools and techniques. 

- Stacey, Therapy


Therapy has helped me understand that things happen in life and that I shouldn't blame myself. It gave me the tools on how to help change the way I think about things and the way I see the future.

- Jenny, Therapy

CBT with stephen has not only helped me get my life on a better track, it's taught me how to handle emotional issues that comes along which has left me in a state of confidence and belief that I can handle things. I have found myself looking on the brighter side of things which has really helped.

- Gillian, therapy

Stephen is a fantastic therapist, he's really passionate about helping others. From day one Stephen was understanding, calming, empathetic and inspirational. Stephen was great at teaching me to work on my reactions , my anxiety triggers and to work on myself. The tasks he set me always helped and essentially helped me rebuild myself from being a broken girl to a stronger more self aware girl, 10 stars, would definitely recomend to others who I think would benefit from therapy as it is liberating.

- Kimberly, therapy

Before I started CBT I was having chronic chest pain every day that would last for hours, I was in and out of hospital and constantly on the phone to the GP. Unfortunately no medication helped with this and I was at the end of my tether. I'd had no idea how much stress, anxiety and old coping mechanisms affected me until I decided I was going to make changes. Now knowing there's a better way to approach chronic pain and mental health, it's improved my quality of life of life. since completing CBT I have had two episodes of pain that have lasted less than an hour and I will be forever grateful. my family too Have noticed a huge change, I am able to go about and do things I would normally be hindered by. I cannot thank Stephen enough for his patience and support, and also that if anything changes or I regress that support will always be there. Thank you